Friday, January 13, 2012

An award!

I received this award from very talented artist/illustrator, Nina Crittendon who has a great blog site.
Thank you Nina, how nice of you.  I have only had a blog for a couple months but I shall accept this award and try to keep blogging.  I guess there are a few rules.  One is to send this off to 5 bloggers, I would but I am so new at this I don't know 5 other than the 5 Nina passed the award onto. I would imagine it will be different next year at this time.  The second one is to name 7 random things about myself.  Here goes:

1. I LOVE Downton Abbey and can not wait for Masterpiece Theater Sunday nights.
2.  I have a sock monkey I swear talks to me, in a good way.  He is not scary at all.  I totally respect his advice. :o)
3.  I freeze when taking tests.  A real bummer in high school.
4. Right now I prefer to read YA novels.  I recently finished "The Hunger Game" trilogy.
5. One of my favorite songs 35 years ago was "Popsicle Toes" by Michael Franks.
6.   I feel I would have done very well at Hogwarts.
7.  My favorite reality show is Project Runway.  Right now the All Stars are competing, there are quite a few divas.  Love it.

I think I followed the rules as best I could.  Thanks again Nina!

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  1. Did you love the Hunger Games? SUCH a great series, I was sad when I finished them.... :)